The only picture we took of ashley at DC

Ashley Ruhl Pt 2 S2

Welcome to another episode of Wasted Knowledge! If you’ve never listened; it’s essentially drunk personal history with 2 professional bartenders, TC and Sean, and a professional guest that we make drinks for.

This is part 2 of our interview with cinematic and narrative designer Ashley Ruhl. In this part we talk about playing games with a more analytical edge, story loops, drinking while gaming, drunk thoughts/experiences, and have a little malort. We recorded this interview live in Ashley’s DragonCon hotel room, so we occasionally got distracted as such, we forgot to wrap up the interview formally and just started watching TV instead. That will happen after a little rum. We edited this down quite a bit, so be sure to check out our patreon if you would like to hear the full 2 hour interview.

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